Persuasive Essay On Standardized Testing

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Standardized tests are jeopardizing countless students’ mental health and future career options, as such, should be removed from a student’s requirement to graduate. Several people become so stressed that they can not properly take the test. A majority of standardized tests are timed which hurts the students who know the subject, but read or work slowly. Standardized tests use knowledge that are not taught in class to help spread out scores which hurts numerous schools. Another issue with standardized tests that if a student do poorly on them, they will be rejected by the colleges or jobs that they want. Subsequently, these tests are ruining countless intelligent people’s opportunities of being successful. Therefore, several students and teachers to cheat on the tests to acquire a better score. Standardized tests need to be better suited for the people taking them or to be removed completely. Specifically, these tests are not an accurate measure a student’s intelligence. Often teachers are a better assessment of a student’s ability on the certain subjects tested. A majority of people are immensely knowledgeable about a subject, but cannot take tests well. These tests also do not measure skills needed out in the real world. Additionally, standardized tests are also biased against people with a low socioeconomic status and students of color. Also, students with mental disorders or disabilities also tend to do worse than people who do not have these issues.
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