Persuasive Essay On Standardized Tests

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Students across the world are required to take a standardized test to enter college. A minimum score is set at each college and some are higher than others. The ACT and SAT are the most common test required to take. There is a fee for each test that must be paid every time it is taken. Test scores are enforced to be sent to the college the student wishes to attend. Many people believe that a standardized test should not determine whether a student can attend college or not. There are many reasons why standardized test is effective or if they are not.
The purpose of the SAT is said to predict how well a student will do in college. Standardized test is supposed to show a student 's abilities in test taking. These tests play a huge role in education, especially today. The goal of standardized tests is to provide a plan to evaluate a student 's performance standards. People argue daily about the effectiveness of these standardized tests and how accurately they measure student achievement ("Do Standardized Tests Accurately"). Just because a student does bad on the test does not mean him or her will not be successful (Paulos). The ACT and SAT should not predict future academic success.
Some colleges are no longer accepting standardized test scores because of the dispute with standardized tests. For example, Hampshire College is not accepting test scores for admission into college. Undergraduates that would like to attend Hampshire College will not must deal with the pressure

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