Standardized Testing Effective Essay

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Students across the world are required to take a standardized test to enter college. A minimum score is set at each college and some are higher than others. The ACT and SAT are the most common test required to take. There is a fee for each test that must be paid every time it is taken. Test scores are enforced to be sent to the college the student wishes to attend. Many people believe that a standardized test should not determine whether a student can attend college or not. There are many reasons why standardized test is effective or if they are not.
The purpose of the SAT is said to predict how well a student will do in college. Standardized test is supposed to show a student 's abilities in test taking. These tests play a huge role in education,
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"Test scores are less reliable predictors of a student’s academic success in college than high school GPA," (John Allen). Just because a student does bad on the test does not mean him or her will not be successful. Students who might have a 4.0 GPA may fail the test completely, but that does not mean he or she is not smart. A standardized test should not define the intelligence of a person. Two students with the exact same GPA could score two totally different scores. If one scores higher, does that mean they are smarter than the other? Some colleges have a minimum score you can make to be accepted into their program. A student who makes perfect grades could make and unacceptable score on the test, leading to a nonacceptance (The ACT: Biased, Inaccurate). A GPA is more accurate than the score of a standardized test. Grades made all through the school year is what really matters, and those scores I what shows a better review of a student 's capability. The results of standardized test score are not important enough to be able to accept or reject a student 's admission into a college. One student whose score is higher than the other does not mean he or she is smarter. The student with the higher score could have cheated. No matter how much cheating is permitted, students will try their best to find a way to pass and cheating is a way. Not every student can afford to take the test multiple
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