Persuasive Essay On Standardized Tests

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Imagine a student who has worked hard in school and comes home to study all night long freaking out about a huge test that could determine the rest of their life. Then the student wakes up to study more, early in the morning, then shows up to school, after only getting a few hours of rest. Is this student is ready for his SAT’s? However, this is the life of many students right before big tests. Standardized tests are tests that students take globally, and yearly. Students try to cram in weeks and years of knowledge in just to get prepared for theses tests. Is this is a healthy lifestyle for students? Schools should eliminate standardized tests.
First, standardized tests cause stress among students. Students who do not have to take standardized tests will not have as much stress as students who take theses tests. According to Bill Maxwell, who did the research, “Each year, thousands of high school students stress out as they prepare to take the SAT or ACT tests to get into college. Many researchers suggest that the singular importance placed on these tests has produced a culture of questionable meritocracy and unfairly blocked thousands of otherwise deserving students from entering the schools of their choice”(Maxell). Accordingly, this shows that students are under stress while preparing for standardized tests. Students are unable to perform well on standardized tests under stress, and are unable to pick the school of their choice due to the stress that causes them to
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