Essay On Ineffective Education

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Ineffective Educational Exams Creativeness and out of the box thinking is being stripped from classrooms all over the country. Instead it is replaced with scripted teaching. Teaching that only helps students pass a standardized test. Is this what we really want? Do we want this to be the norm for curriculum in the classroom? Many people have different opinions on whether or not standardized testing should be continued. There have been many disagreements on if standardized tests accurately measure student accomplishments or if they have helped students in the long-run. Numerous teachers do not like “teaching to the test”. Even students are tired of being deprived creativeness in the classroom and they are only learning certain objectives that…show more content…
These tests show students that there is only one, specific answer to every problem. But often life’s problems are very complex have more than one solution, unlike the multiple choice format of the tests. In today’s world there are new issues that arise every day and we have to get creative with some of these solutions, but standardized testing is not helping with this (Dagget and Sconzo 1). As long as standardized tests are still being used in schools children will continue to learn that every issue in life only has one solution and when they grow older that won’t have the problem solving skills they need. Although reading and writing are very important for students to learn and they will continue to need thee skills throughout life, standardized tests do not help students learn speech and communication skills which are widely used in the job force. Usually a worker will need communication skills for their job. In general a person will listen for thirty-three percent and will talk for twenty-five percent through their day on the job (Wardy). Communication is a very a very important aspect of. It is needed to work well with your peers and to meet the needs of others. People will use communication for almost everything in the work place. Collaborating with others is vital for gathering information, sharing ideas, and producing fresh ideas. To sum up, problem solving and communication skills are major everyday skills people need and not having them in school because teachers teach to the standardized tests could really hurt the
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