Persuasive Essay On Stargirl

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The aspiration to conform and fulfill other’s expectations is the main focus in Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli. Stargirl should not have changed to become more popular. Although her transition satisfied Leo, she was assertive and comfortable in her own skin. Stargirl’s individuality and distinction defined her, and she did not need to alter herself to gratify others. Stargirl Caraway is self-confident, curious, independent, and happy being herself. She did not need to change her character or appearance if she was okay being authentic. In fact, Stargirl didn’t want to be popular, but she changed for Leo. For example, “She constantly quizzed me about what other kids would do, would buy, would say, would think.” (Spinelli 142). The quotes proves…show more content…
She should not of been obligated to change because of her differences. The only reason Stargirl was told to change was because she was considered “unknown territory” and distinct compared to the students at Mica Area High School. “She was unknown territory. Unsafe. We were afraid to get too close.” (Spinelli 26) Stargirl is unlike anyone at the High School, meaning that the students are not used to the way she acts. They were uncomfortable with her, but her originality made her special. On the other hand, Stargirl’s transformation positively influenced her relationship with Leo and the other students at Mica Area High School. When Stargirl changed into Susan, Leo was exhilarated. He could finally have a normal relationship with a normal girl. “She looked just like a hundred other girls at Mica High. Stargirl vanished into a sea of them, and I was thrilled.” (Spinelli 140). Stargirl became Susan to make more friends and save her relationship. She had to make a choice, and she chose to have friends. Overall, Stargirl should not have changed to become more popular. She was confident the way she was and her bold personality made her stand out. Although her social status may have benefited from her transition, it was not worth it. Stargirl should not have felt obligated to change the way she was to please
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