Persuasive Essay On State Standardized Testing

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State standardized tests are exams students take to assess their schools, teachers, and what they learned in their year. Many parents and teachers deem these tests useless and see it as an unnecessary stress added to their child’s life. Students should not be taking this exam because it causes a major curriculum gaps between students, causes stress and loss of interest in school, and after almost a full year of learning, this test is supposed to determine a student 's knowledge of the year’s curriculum. Although some say this test prepares students for college, the stress and loss of interest in school caused by this test and test prep can affect student’s mental health and grades. State tests cause stress and anxiety in students, especially lower performing students because of the pressure of making sure all students, regardless of ability, reaches the same level. Some…show more content…
This may seem fine, but as said above, this causes curriculum gaps between students which can be harmful as it removes stress relieving classes from children’s schedules. State tests, although is not the only factor, evaluates school districts. Other factors include graduation and attendance. Even though it is not the only factor, it is one of them, which may cause extra pressure and stress on both students and teachers. The pressure on all students, regardless of ability, to reach a certain level, can be damaging, especially because of many students, as high as 60% in some states, failed to reach this
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