Personal Essay: The Importance Of Staying Home

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I did not work because my main priority is to take care of my younger sister. My experiences of staying home alone at a young age was a major reason my father and I agreed that I would babysit her while he works. We believed that she should always have someone lean on at all times if she has school-related or personal problems. In addition, my father forbade me from working because he believes that I would not put as much effort in my academic if I did so.

I did not begin volunteering until I was in tenth grade because I had just moved to a new state just before my freshman year. I wanted to make sure I was settled in, knew my way around the city, and transitioned from middle to high school well. Upon starting my sophomore year, I joined a volunteering club at my school that connects
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I became a maternal figure to my sister at a young age to make sure that she will succeed when she grows up. Like every caring mother, I do not want her to make poor decisions in life. I want to protect her from the horrors of society. My sister looks up to me for guidance and support, so I learned to be more cognizant of everything I do and make sure that every action that I take can help my sister live a better life than me. Ever since I could remember, the notion that every action I take and every statement I say reflects on my family was instilled into me by my parents and grandparents. They valued honesty and loyalty, expected my full effort, and demanded that I find success in life. Because of this, I believe that my success is measured in usefulness and compassion, rather than my happiness. While many of my actions results in my happiness, I do not actively seek it out since my duty is to affect the lives of others for the better. Success is also based on how much effort I put into helping the people in my community while staying true to my
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