Persuasive Essay On Stem Cell Research

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The stem cell research is the research, which mainly conducted to use stem cells for medical purposes. Stem cells are the cells that exist in the body or embryo which can become multiple types of the cells via cell differentiation. Although it has much potential to benefit the humanity, it should not be accepted due to ethical issues, financial issues and possible risks.
There are two types of the stem cells, which are embryonic and adult stem cells. The embryonic stem cells pose many ethical issues. In order to produce embryonic stem cells, scientists need to disassemble the embryo. Since embryos have a potential to develop into a human baby and its status should be considered as a life, many religious groups contradict against the embryonic stem cell research. The reason why religious groups contradict against the abortion is similar, as it is “murdering” a life. Also, some countries in the world are currently banning the embryonic stem cell research due to ethical reasons.
Financial issue is not just limited to one type of the stem cell research. Both embryonic and adult stem cell research involves tremendous amount of financial investment. Since it is uncertain whether the experiments will be successful or not, stem cell research
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Stem cell research is in its infancy, which means scientists do not have sufficient information to make it certain that stem cell treatment is safe. Both embryonic and adult stem cells have its risks. For example, in case of embryonic stem cell transplant, it may lead to rejection of the immune system. Human immune system rejects certain cells or organs if transplanted ones have differences with its immune profile. If adult stem cells are used, some of these harvested cells might contain mutated genetic information or being defected during the process of the treatment. Moreover, it is uncertain that stem cell might cause long-term
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