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How many american families do you think have been through a remarriage? And how many children have been brought into this new and stressful situation. Surprisingly enough, 50% of first marriages end in divorce and 67% of second marriages end in divorce. Sometimes thought to be because of stepchildren or money. The reason for the step children being a problem to a step parent is how the step parent approaches the situation. Many step parents don 't realize what the child or children have been through after a divorce. Most step parents don 't realize what it looks like to a kid Although many people think that step parents should just barge their way into this new relationship and immediately have control over the situation, thinking that they need to be in charge because they feel that they are taking the place of the biological parent. But in reality the best thing to do is to take time to get to know the…show more content…
Step parents need to be firm with their approach on maintaining dominance in the household. The child (children) need to know that no matter what punishment system they are used to, that it will be different as long as the step parent is around. The children will know that not only is it the biological parents job, it is mine to be the main disciplinarian. Step parents also need to realize that they are the new parent the biological parent is out of the picture now. Step parents are now the new mom or dad and should be thought of as nothing less than that . If they resent the step parent for doing that then the step parent should have the right to punish them. Step parents should have the same amount of respect towards towards them as they would for the biological step parent. And if the biological parent isn’t parenting the way they should step parents should be able to. Step parents shouldn’t be a “friend” to the kids, what they need is some discipline and structure in their

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