Stereotyping Effect On Society

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Stereotyping is an issue that has been going around the world and causing minor and major conflicts in society. It is agreeable that it is morally unacceptable. For written task 1, I felt the desire to combine two interesting aspects in either part 1 or 2, I have always been fascinated by propaganda but primarily it is the stereotyping I wanted to get in to. Not because the phenomenon interests me, but because I like thinking about its effect on society, since it is a very intimidating, though accepted, occurrence. In this written task, I wanted to present these thoughts, I did this by writing a speech, done by a man called Paul Carter, a former historian, now overwhelmed by the idea of making the world a better place, he is most likely frequently…show more content…
But the main reason to why we should completely abolish stereotyping above all other propaganda manipulation techniques is what I stated before, it has a brainwashing effect on human minds. The existence of manipulation through stereotyping and the acceptance of it has made it to be untouchable by the mind, however the mind itself is undeniably touched.
We could say these old advertisements are historical and should not be touched, though, we should consider the effect it has on our children, the day they learn about how human kind low-mindedly accepts this foul use of thoughts. How come that we rational, loving people have these suppressed feelings towards others with differences? We cannot deny the existence of these feelings, but this does not imply our immorality, this implies poor social surroundings. One of the causes is the undeniable history with the greatest leaders stereotyping to brainwash their own people. A common mistake made by critics is to say it is naturally in our hearts, but we know better, we are by heart open-minded, loving
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