Why Do Steroids Be Banned Essay

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Imagine being so strong and fast, being able to out lift and run anyone or anything; being built and muscular, the best on the team. Now imagine losing a career, everything ever worked hard for. These are two outcomes of these addictive drugs called steroids. This is a common problem that happens in every sport, and can happen to anyone who takes these, but steroids can become very addictive and could potentially hurt athletes career and health. Even if allowed by sports, it is still a bad thing to do. Performance enhancing substances can potentially cause cancer, addiction, and in extreme cases athletes consuming these could put themselves or someone else in the hospital. They can also give children the wrong idea and have them believing these dangerous substances are okay to use. These are just some of the many reasons why performance enhancing substances are harmful to an athlete's health and should be banned from major league sports. First, since steroids and many other performance enhancing substances…show more content…
Therefore wanting to be faster, stronger and having an improvement in performance out on the field or court does not require breaking a law, harming their health or leading others on to a terrible path that is not worth the risk. No matter how important something is, trying to make it easier by cheating is never the way to go. There is no good outcome of using these and all athletes should understand this. These steroids are a hazard to athletes health and their career. It is also showing younger athletes that it’s okay to take these performance enhancing drugs to be good at sports. This will eventually have a negative effect on our society and prove that taking the safer path of banning them, is much more productive than making sports more interesting or making players
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