Persuasive Essay On Stricter Testing

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Stricter testing is mandatory to prevent athletes doping
Every year athletes win medals and break records all while doping and getting away with it. With today’s technology athletes and doctors have outsmarted the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and have been able to dope but still test negative. This is a hard feat to accomplish due to the strict testing that is performed on athletes, although with the right doctors, testers, and coaches, athletes are able to accomplish this crime. The idea to dope in athletics has been around since the time of the original Olympic games in 776 BC. Opium was the choice drug to use in the original Olympics because of the numbing effect it produces. Since the time doping was first used in athletics, it has become more and more common for athletes to use and get away with.
Lance Armstrong is the most famous doping case from the last 2 decades. During Lance Armstrong’s professional career he won 7 consecutive Tour De France titles. Everyone was amazed with how Lance Armstrong could dominate such a prestigious race year after year. The important fact that Armstrong’s fans were missing was that it was only when Lance Armstrong started taking banned substances, when he started to win and perform at such a high level. It took 19 years after Lance Armstrong started doing drugs for the USADA to catch on and press charges against him. These 19 years were filled with records being broken and fame being accumulated (Lance Armstrong, 2018). Since Lance

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