Strict Testing Research Paper

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Stricter testing is mandatory to prevent athletes doping
Every year athletes win medals and break records all while doping and getting away with it. With today’s technology athletes and doctors have outsmarted the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and have been able to dope but still test negative. This is a hard feat to accomplish due to the strict testing that is performed on athletes, although with the right doctors, testers, and coaches, athletes are able to accomplish this crime. The idea to dope in athletics has been around since the time of the original Olympic games in 776 BC. Opium was the choice drug to use in the original Olympics because of the numbing effect it produces. Since the time doping was first used in athletics, it has become
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It takes the signature of three medical professionals stating that an athlete needs to take a banned substance for a TUE to be approved. Although there are several athletes that legitimately need to take banned substances for their condition, many athletes take advantage of the availability of a TUE and have doctors diagnose them with a false medical condition. Between the year 2014 and 2016, the WADA has increased the number of exemptions granted by 48 percent. "No rules have been broken. These people have gone through the correct channels to get these TUEs, but it does appear that a lot of high-performance athletes have serious medical conditions" (Strashin, 2016). Because so many exemptions were granted recently, several people are questioning the legitimacy of a TUE. David Millar is a former professional road racing cyclist and was one of the athletes to take advantage of a TUE. “On one occasion, I received a T.U.E. for a fake tendon issue. A doctor simply wrote a prescription for an ankle injury that required an intra-articular injection” (Millar, 2016). It only takes a few athletes to use a TUE for their own advantage, to ruin this use for those with valid conditions. The WADA needs to make it harder for athletes to obtain a TUE so only athletes with illegitimate and proven conditions will have the ability to obtain a
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