Argumentative Essay: The Issue Of Student Loan Debt

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According to the last recording of student loan debt, the total amount of the United States student loan debt is roughly one and a half trillion dollars (A look at…). Statistics like these present the urgent need to resolve the major financial issue of student loan debt. Solutions have been given by many people to solve this issue but most solutions fail. The main reason behind student loan debt is falling to far into debt to the point where it is almost impossible to come back. The origin behind all of this is a lack of a student loan amount cap. Overall, this issue affects most people living in our world today and must be fixed for our generation and generations to come. Over the span of many years, the world’s jobs have expanded to millions upon millions. Due to this rapid expansion of job growth this has caused education to be expanded in to different fields and degrees. Some jobs require a degree that is harder to earn in an…show more content…
Although debt is a bad thing, it is not unavoidable for everyone. People will fall into debt because not everyone has a solid financial backing. More than seventy-one percent of students graduating from a four year college are graduating with debt (A Look at...) . Setting a cap would cutthat percent far down so the students would have a chance to break even with the income they receive after college. Because there is no student loan debt cap, colleges take advantage of this or they set the cap very high so the students will keep having to pay the college for years. “One reason graduate school debt has grown is that students have nearly unlimited borrowing capability from federal programs — with few credit checks or examinations of ability to repay…” (The Washington Post). Students use the loans unknowing what pay they will get from their future job. By setting a student loan cap, students would take less of a risk with coming back from
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