Persuasive Essay On Subway

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A smile can mean a thousand words but it can also hide a thousand problems. A poor young man shows his fake smile but deep down inside, he had a problem he can't face anymore. Weighing over 400 lbs and getting looks at you everyday wherever you go can make you feel so hopeless in life to the point where you just want to give up. It started in March of 1998 when Jared Fogle started his Subway diet which was 2 subs every day to help him drop his weight down. Continuing with this diet for one continuous year, Jared ended up losing 245 lbs and it completely changed his life. In 2000 Jared paired up with subway and began to make advertisements about his weight loss with subway sandwiches. This ad shows how maintaining a healthy diet can make you lose a lot of weight by eating healthy meals at subway. This ad persuades people to eat at subway to help them lose weight by showing ethos, pathos, and logos. This ad shows a good point of view of…show more content…
This shows enough evidence proving that subway will help you lose weight. It also shows that Subway is a very healthy place to eat because it worked wonders on Jared and many other who eat subway. Instead of eating at a fast food restaurants and getting burgers, go get a healthy sub at subway instead. Lastly, Jared’s ad with subway shows a rhetorical way to persuade by showing ethos, pathos, and logos. It shows ethos showing true honesty about subway and jared's experience with them. It shows pathos by showing positive emotion on how Jared had succeeded with his weight loss by eating subway for a year straight. Finally, it shows logos on all the facts how jared lost 245 lbs by eating healthy subs. This shows true credibility to subway to show the audience that eating there is good for you and many others who enjoy their
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