Ben Carson's Hope: The Power Of Hope

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Hope is one of the may things that leads people to having one of the best lives they can ever imagine.Out of all the things you can do to make your life better, hoping is one of the best ways. When Ben Carson had hope, that helped him through school, college, and his job at John Hopkins Hospital. That also means if I have hope like Ben Carson I can succeed in many things. Even society can have hope like Ben Carson, and do many great things in their lives. Carson was successful, because he had hope. Ben had hope that Australia was where his family needed to go. During his stay in Australia Ben practiced so many surgeries, which made him confident in his abilities. Therefore, because Ben followed through with his hope of Australia he learned valuable skills that were vital to this…show more content…
Ben said,’’It may not work, but I don’t see we can give up in a situation where we still have even a glimmer of hope’’ (Carson 170). If society has a glimmer of hope in hard times like war and depression, then society can get through the struggle better. Consequently, if society has hope like Carson, then society can overcome the challenges while building a stronger world. Ben 's hope gave many other patients hope like miranda 's parent. Miranda 's parents said ‘’ yours is the only hospital where we’ve received any real hope’’ (Carson 136). If more of society has hope like ben’s patients, then society can accomplish almost anything. Therefore, Carson 's hope gives off the impressions that others can have as much hope as he does. Carson 's decisions lead to much hope at John Hopkins Hospital. As well as much comfort. Even though Carson would lay out all the bad factors before anything else he still gave off hope. Therefore, Carson saying ‘’ I spelled out the worst possible results, believing that when people know all of the facts they can make a better decision’’ ( Carson 158). He still gave them as much hope as
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