Persuasive Essay On Summer Break

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The freedom from school that comes during summer break or vacation is greatly anticipated by students all over the country. Summer break helps students rest and prepare for the next round of school. Unfortunately, the time to recharge during the summer is disappearing for some students with the rise of year-long schools. While year-long schools have some benefits, they are not advantageous to the student. With hectic schedules, late nights, and the pressure to push themselves academically, it is important that students have summer break to regain their social, physical, and psychological health.
Many schools have embraced the idea of year-long education with the thought of increasing test scores, but the benefits of year-longs school may not be in favor of the students. Forty-one percent of all public schools within the country
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Children, like Tira Ockamato, spend her school days with early mornings, caffeine, tiredness in class, dance, a quick dinner, and homework till midnight (Abeles 34-5). Tira spends almost all her time on her studies and has little time to spend with friends and family, but during the summer she has the opportunity to spend her time with friends rather than studying into the morning. The lack of time with friends and family was also noticed by the author Vicki Abeles in her own life. Family time was lost in busy schedules due to schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Abeles found that her children barely had time just to be children, while she and her husband were ¨too busy being chauffeurs, homework wardens, and musical taskmasters¨(Abelles 2). Summer break provides a much needed breather from the time demands of constant activity.With less time consumed by studies during the summer, time can be redirected toward friends and family time. The busy schedules brought by school not only cuts out social time but also
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