Persuasive Essay On Survival

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Survival seems key to only wild animals that live out in the open but sometimes humans face a scenario where they need to survive too. There are many stories people have been told about survival but how do people endure this and what characteristics are needed to survive? The best characteristics are believing in your survival, Positive Mental Attitude, and using the resources you have and is proven by the literary texts from Night by Elie Wiesel, Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales, and a memoir from An Ordinary Man by Paul Rusesabagina. In Night, Elie is able to survive through his confident attitude that he shows by the friends he is around and the emotions he shows in tough situations. Yossi, speaking to Elie after the deadly inspection, says ‘“Anyways you were running too fast,’ I stated to laugh, I was happy” (Wiesel 89-92). They have confidence in each other to make each other laugh and smile. Friends are one of the most important things to have and remember in these situations because they keep you from giving up. After his father announces that he’s been picked for selection and tries to give Elie his inheritance, Elie says, ”Don’t talk like that, Father [...] I don’t want you to say such things. Keep the spoon and knife. You will need them as much as I. We’ll see each other tonight, after work” (Wiesel 166-169). This was important to his own self survival because he again made his attitude confident instead of giving up. This helps push yourself to survive. If
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