Persuasive Essay On Syrian Refugees

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Immigration is the migration of people into a country where they are not natives or they do not possess citizenship. When people cross the national borders during their migration, they are called migrants or immigrants. More than half of the nation’s governors say Syrian refugees are not welcome into the states.

Syrian refugees are not safe living in their homeland. Over one half have been forced out of their homes. They need to have a secure and dependable home, but the United States is making that very difficult for them.

The United States is very cautious into letting Syrians in the country because the United States wants to keep it’s country safe.

Letting in Syrian refugees can be very dangerous. The United States wants to make sure
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is very far behind on accomplishing its goal. It is almost halfway into the year and only 1,285 new refugees have been accepted into the country. That represents only thirteen percent of refugees that have been accepted. At least thirty governors are against allowing refugees into their states because of fears that terrorists could hide among those seeking refuge. Even though the U.S. has a very strong screening system, governors still do not feel safe allowing Syrian refugees into the United States.

We should allow refugees into the United States because they deserve to be at peace. Also, if something like this ever happened to the U.S, we would want other countries to allow us to live there. Our country needs to demonstrate its values and morals. With the strong screening system we have, there should not be any problems detecting if the people coming into the country are a part of ISIS or not.

This is a very large issue that is causing many debates. There are many pros and cons into allowing them into the country. Many people believe that Syrians should not be able to enter the country under any circumstance. For example, Donald Trump believes that this is not America’s issue and we have bigger problems to worry
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