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Drinking water has become a habit for people who are trying to live a healthier life. Water is essential for the body to function correctly, regardless of where the source come from. People choosing water to drink over everything else is a great idea and the way to go, therefore, I thank God daily for tap water. Some reason why you should choose tap water over bottled water are the cost, chemicals, and, pollution. Tap water is cheaper, safer, and, eco- friendly.
To begin with, when you drink tap water you can be reassured that the water is safe and only has the proper amount of the necessary chemicals. H2o from the tap has the correct amount of fluoride in it to ensure healthy teeth. Americans in the 40’s and 50’s never had dental issues due
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Billions are saved yearly when people drink tap water instead of bottled water. There is less plastic being dumped into the landfills. Millions are saved on oil cost when water is being drunk from the faucet instead of the bottle. There is less carbon dioxide in the air when you drink tap water. Tap water is safer for our air and environment.
On the other hand, people who drink water from the bottle would say that their way is the right way but they are completely wrong. Bottled water has way more impurities than tap water. Bottled water drinker really do not know where the water is truly coming from. Actually over half of bottled water is tap water that has been repackaged. Bottled water causes the air to be polluted yearly. Bottled water is not tested often. Also, when those bottles that the water is packaged in sits in heat the plastic releases chemicals into the water that can cause people to get sick. Therefore, tap water is the route to go.
In the long run, tap water is better for people as a whole. Tap water is healthier, cheaper, safer, and, eco-friendly. Do not take chances with your life drink water that you know is tested on a regular basis. That is going to save you money. That is better for your teeth. Water that is not causing more pollution to our

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