Persuasive Essay On Tattoos On Children

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Tattoo and Piercing’s are a way to be looked as of being tough, being cool, or even be accepted to a certain crowd. This generally happens to young adults who want to be accepted. Then again there are minors who want to be rebellious and go against their parents. Tattoo and Piercing’s on minors should be consulted with a parent to have permission for a tattoo or a piercing. Parents know their child more than anything. A parent can see when something is wrong with their child.They can even see the maturity level of their child. In fact, a child’s maturity has a lot to do when it comes to wanting something like a tattoo or piercing. Child development exports constructed by CNN agree for permanent body modification in young adults, but also assert age is but a number; maturity level is a much better parameter to go by (CNN News). Furthermore, you might want a tattoo or piercing but it all depends on the maturity level you have because minors don’t necessarily know what they want and they end up making a decision that isn’t so…show more content…
“Personally, I think all teens should wait until they are at least 18 years old before getting tattooed. Tattoos define who you are and usually pay some respect to life experiences. I believe you need to live a little and have your heart broken at least once before you even know who you truly are.” (teen and tattoos) It’s better to fully understand why your parents are making you wait. Yeah tattoo and piercing’s is the biggest thing a teenager to want a young age. There’s a time and a place to get a tattoo or piercing, you can wait and if your parents allow you to get a tattoo at such a young age. Then ny all means go for it. Parents might be a pain when it comes to tattoos but they have their reasons. That is why minor’s should ask for permission from their parents to before actually getting the tattoo without
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