Teacher Tenure Argumentative Essay

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Teachers tenure is one of the biggest impediments to providing our children with the best possible education and this is especially true in California where teachers can receive tenure with as little as 18 months on the job and once a teacher’s get tenured their job is virtually guaranteed regardless about how poor they perform and even in cases like misconduct it will cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars to remove a bad teacher. But teacher tenure as we know may finally come to an end based on a recent court ruling by Los Angeles County Superior Judge Rolf Treu declare that five key job protection law under teacher tenure are unconstitutional because they were proven have a detrimental impact on students fundamental right to equality in education and oftentimes create a disproportionate burden on poor and minority students. The obscene practice of providing substandard teachers with permanent employment regardless of performance has done great harm to our education system since tenure was implemented in California in 1912. Teacher tenure grants rise to teachers to go far beyond the union contract enjoyed by other government workers.…show more content…
Students’ education should not be sacrifice in order to support bad tenured teachers. Our kids deserve to have the very best teachers they can in the classroom, their future depends on it.
In my conclusion, I think we need to have some form of tenure system because we don’t want teachers to be fired for political purposes and retaliation. Teachers should not have to worry what they say in the classroom they’ll be fired because of the principal doesn’t believe in their political point of view or because they disagreed with the principal. However, we don’t even need to have teacher who are poor performer to retain their job for life. So, for my opinion teacher tenure should be
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