Persuasive Essay On Technology For Babies

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Technology For Babies Every newborn should have a cell phone, tablet device, MP3 player or a computer as a present for their baby shower gifts instead of their regular diapers or baby bottles. Most adults now carry their smart phone with them everywhere they go. It can be very tempting to give their children the technology to play with on a regular basis. It is like a way for them not too busy with their children. Should their children under the age of five be allowed to have full access to technology? Adults should not leave their children under five years of age exposed to technology so early is a better choice for three reasons. The children can get addicted to the devices after using it for a while. What drew them into playing the devices…show more content…
It will be hard for them to focus once they are in school because they have not been used to maintain a long level of interacting with other people. This can be very dangerous because they could choose to play with the tablets versus real people later in life. Children need to interact with other children to form strong friendships. Some people may argue that technology given to children under the age of five is a positive thing, because it will help them learn faster. However, every child learns at a different rate. So giving the technology to all children early does not mean they all will advance from it. The risks that are given above associated with giving them full access to the technology at this early age outweighs the minimal benefits. (Consider discussing some of those risks.) Children under the age of five should not be given full access to technology because they can develop bad habits such as addiction, causes obesity, and become disengaged in the long run. They are too young to understand when it is enough of play time on the devices. An unhealthy relationship at an early age with technology can be a setback instead of advancing
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