Persuasive Essay On Technology In Healthcare

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Persuasive Essay
“Technology is considered to be the driving force behind improvements in healthcare”(UIC). Technology has caused tremendous changes throughout society, but the majority of those changes have been in the medical field. Changes ranges from making patient care much more efficient and providing a faster service for everyone, research done from the University of Chicago describes that with the improvements of technology patients can expect to receive a high level care (UIC 2). Technology advancements has affected the medical field in a positively way.
Advancements in technology has had such a great impact in healthcare because of its many useful ways its helped people. (Background info not done)

First, having had technology around us for a very long time has improved the quality of life for various of people around the world. Not only has it helped make people’s lives much easier by providing faster ways to accomplish tasks and allowing health care providers to keep data confidential for patients, but it can benefit people and their doctors relationship. . According to an article “The healthcare industry has not shied away from the hi-tech revolution and embraced the transformation with open arms...The introduction of technology to the healthcare industry has made things easier in terms of data monitoring,data accuracy,information sharing, and to track the activities of patients”(Technology healthcare operations 1-2). When it comes to data

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