Persuasive Essay On Teen Pregnancy

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What is a teen pregnancy? Teen pregnancy is any female under the age of 20 years that are or get pregnant. Teen pregnancy has decreased in over the past 20 years. The teen birth rates vary in different areas such as age, ethnic groups and region of the country. “The U.S. teen birth rate is higher than that of many other developed countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom.” Birth rates are higher in Hispanic and African Americans. Although Hispanics have the highest teen birth rates, they have decreased over the years.
The effects teen pregnancy has on your life varies from emotional crisis, academics, relationships with the baby’s father, discrimination, and financial issues. It can be devastating but once it happens, there is no going back. The most you can do is come to terms with the life changing event that will happen.
“Parenthood is the main reason as to why teen girls drop out of school.” Teen pregnancy is one of the main reasons why teens drop out of school. Some teens don’t get to graduate
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There are many pros and cons to adoption. It may be a costly, long, challenging process to go through, but it can benefit the birth mother in many reasons. It will keep her from struggling to provide for the child, as well for herself while attending school or work. Many adoptive families look to adopt children for many reasons. Some see it as rescuing a child, there are some families who cannot have their own biological children but do want to expand their family. Some disadvantages to adoption can be that the adoptive family wants a closed adoption. Meaning they want no interaction with the birth mother and birth mother’s family. Other adoptive families may want an open adoption meaning the birth mother and adoptive family interact with each other. In this type of adoption, interaction can differ from letters, emails, phone calls, or

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