Persuasive Essay On Teen Suicide

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How would you feel if your sibling or child committed suicide, and you didn 't see it coming? Parents should pay more attention to their child 's behavior, or change of personality, and look for immediate help. More professional help like psychologist should be available at any time. As well as, having any kinds of support facility or prevention group. Teenage suicide percentage in America is increasing, and it’s the third leading cause of death for teenagers. But not much help is being offered for these teens. Most teenage suicides happen in any bullying in social media or school. There should be more control, and ways to handle these types of situation. To conclude, there is a lot more, to this major problem. Teen suicide has been a serious issue that teenagers have been suffering for decades. The thought of killing them starts with a conflict that the teen is facing, and can’t get past. They start experiencing these emotions that they don’t know how to deal with, like confusion, stress, pressure to succeed, self-doubt, and the other main problems they face. When the teen seems not to get past this conflict, they start having depression, which leads to suicidal thoughts. Suicidal thoughts take a time to develop; this doesn’t just happen in a day. They start to feel like they’re aren 't heard or ect., and so they think that suicide is the answer. As a final point, everyone should be aware that suicide is a serious problem that is currently affecting teenagers all over
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