Essay On Teenage Curfew

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16 and 17 year old men and women have a curfew that begins at 11pm and ends at 5am. This is going to end. Everybody should have equal rights due to the fact that we are in a free country. Therefore, if one may consider driving between 11pm and 5am then they should be allowed to. With that being said, each teen that doesn’t have an accident during this 6 hour period shall earn 500 dollars per year that that they are accident free. This bill will be passed and will come into play on January 1st 2019, with that being said all car insurance companies will pay each 16 or 17 year old teen that goes a year accident free. Also, teen drivers are not above the age of 21, meaning that they do not drink. So there would not be any scenarios where teens are driving under the influence, causing life threatening issues. If men or women over the age of 21 are able to drink , and have no curfew then it would only make since to allow teens from ages 16 to 17 to have the same curfew and rights as 18 year olds and above. Teens that don’t have a curfew could also held reduce DUI accident rates by being designated drives for their parents, family members or anybody else that could use the help. So, by opening up the “no curfew” it would help save many many lives.…show more content…
The issue was left ineffective and the practice won’t be coming to an end any time soon. Of course. But I can see the positives and negatives to the curfew practice and why Congress doesn’t know how to approach it. Due to the small percent of bad decision making drives, also, the worst one, teens having the highest accident rate. 62% of teen deaths are from teenage drivers. Leading by a whopping 15,000. And I’m sure most can guess that insurance companies now a-days already have their rates skyrocketing and would not want to have any part in this law. Which is
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