Persuasive Essay On Teenagers

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When we hear the word teenager, we think of the time were wrong choices are made all while trying to become an adult through a path of trial and error. At the age of a teenager, most choices being made are influenced by peers and how others around them work. Once teenagers graduate from high school, the urgency to move out and be on their own overwhelms most teenagers minds. Moving out means getting to make their own choices whether that is on how they spend their day or something more complicated like education choices. Teenagers often attempt to break away from living under the umbrella of their parent’s world before they have the maturity to function alone and this attempt is in actuality a misguided gesture as teenagers often fail.
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Parents try to lead their kids through example and instilling good moral values, the real test begins when kids become teens. First time jobs for teenagers is one way to see their maturity level, some reject the idea of authority by others that are not their parents. Their lack of appreciation and acceptance of authority reels them into a self-destructive path rather than a path of maturity. Sammy like many other teens in his position makes rash decisions without thoroughly thinking the consequences,“Sammy, you don’t want to do this to your Mom and Dad”(Updike, John). We can see how Sammy didn’t understand the consequences until he was faced with the severity of his actions. Teens are at the age where more responsibility and freedom is given to them, it is the most important time to hold teens accountable for their wrong actions. Taking away teenagers phones is the go to consequence for today 's parents. It can be very effective but what parents do not understand that this alone doesn’t have a lasting effect on behavior. Parents need to learn to execute more meaningful consequences where teens can learn lessons because a teenager like Sammy doesn’t understand that responsibility, consequences and maturity are key factors for him to successfully flourish into
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