Argumentative Essay: Should Teens Get Plastic Surgery?

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Teens under the knife On the operation table lays a teenager, about to go under the knife for plastic surgery. Before surgery she is thinking of the end result with the changes about to be made, but little do she know when she wakes up and is off the operation table many problems could arise. The affection rate is high and they will be told anything gone wrong in surgery. They may be told what they were able to fix, others may not have even made it out of surgery. However some people think plastic surgery is a great choice. They think that plastic surgery on teens is the right choice because it can help with self confidence and bullying. Therefore, teens should not get plastic surgery because it is unsafe with surgery risks, it is not going to have the same end result years later since they are not fully developed, and it is not for the right reasoning and there issues come back. Teens should not get plastic surgery because it is unsafe and they do not understand the risks. Teens “don't tend to think of the long-term effects or risks of surgery but, rather, just the concrete result of, 'I'll look better. They can not logically think of the pros and cons (“Teenage Girls and Plastic Surgery”). This evidence shows that teens are not mentally ready to make the choice to get plastic surgery.…show more content…
This shows that teens should not get plastic surgery because of the risks that they do not see. They do not think about what could go wrong, and change their life forever. After or during plastic surgery alto can occur something minal like unexpected scars, or death, & infection. Since they can not understand the risks and dangers teens should not be able to get plastic
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