Persuasive Essay On Terrorism

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Terrorism is an act of crime that killing innocent people and targets must be fulfilled to in order to satisfy its purpose. My view is, humanity is the reason why the earth was created to have dominion over the birds, cattle, animals that creeps upon the land. Not to control and dictate certain group of people that one day rose up from frustration and suppression and form such an activity. Because they were not valued according to human when looking at dominion point of view. Look at the prison cell, it is more like captivity and imprisonment by order and rules not bars and guns. The deference is those behind bars were convicts. Second is a religious belief that to kill the infidel is right in the eyes of God. But the question is who are the infidels and how do one could define that term. However, we do not have one common book of reference, as to use in place of a country 's constitution. we have some includes the Gita, Torah, Bible and Koran. Having that in mind, referencing that inhuman cause of action trying to prove your validity in those books is complete foolish and unnecessary. Human is the superior being on earth compared to animals. so, killing people means you want to replace yourself as an animal with a very little ability to divide the truth. Hijackers, Suicide bombers, Knife-wielding attackers, Gunmen, Terrorists driving trucks into crowds etc. Regardless of the method, all of these attacks have the same goal, and it 's NOT to kill people. Killing and

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