Persuasive Essay On Test Taking

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Test taking has always been difficult for me, now that I am required to take the advancement test in the Navy twice a year and now college I still struggle with tests. I always take notes and study, but my nerves and second guessing are a struggle for me to overcome. This class has provided me with some techniques I am going to implement in hopes that it will improve my test taking abilities. As I study for test, I will predict test questions, writing potential questions and the answers. I will also start preparing for test at the very beginning of the week given the condensed learning schedule. Another technique I learned this course is before beginning the test I will read the directions thoroughly and twice to ensure understanding, while reading directions I will highlight or underline key words. “Gathering knowledge of the truth is the best preparation for tests. Hours of concentrated, effective study help to carefully place facts into your memory. This is the best way to prepare for any test. However, teachers often try to test your memory of the material by slightly altering it. In this case, practice and some test-taking skill will help.” (Brigham Young University, n.d.). For my advancement exam, I will purchase the…show more content…
This helps me in my personal life as I said three young kids make it hard to function on my schedule at times. Also, it helps me in the professional aspect. It shows employers I am flexible and able to think on my feet. It also shows that I look for other options and I come prepared to deal with issues as they arise. “A student’s availability to learn depends largely on their motivation. Our personal desire to achieve results and improve our knowledge, regardless of the material being studied, is one of the most important factors in our ability to learn.” (Success at School,
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