Testosterone Persuasive Speech

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Every one of us knows that testosterone is the quintessential male hormone. In the physical sense, it is what makes a man a man. The primary male hormone plays a major role in the development of male reproductive issues as well in in the such secondary sexual characteristics as body mass, muscle strength, and body hair. In puberty, it builds our muscles, deepens our voices, grows our beards, and increases the size of our penis and testes. Thank you very much! In adulthood, it helps keep the muscle and bones it has grown strong and healthy, and maintains our interest in sex. It is quite easy to see why we could be so sensitive to the decrease of this all m substance in our body. By some estimates, one quarter to one third of adult men may suffer from a condition commonly known as low-T.…show more content…
This substance is an essential amino acid and one of the building blocks of proteins in our bodies. And protein is the building blocks of muscle. L-arginine has been used as an effective sexual aid for both men and women, but its benefits go far beyond this. It is a precursor of nitric oxide in the body, a chemical which dilates blood vessels, thus allowing for increased blood flow. You can imagine what this increased flow can do in a sexual situation, but think beyond these implications. If the flow to and from the testes, where testosterone is produced, is increased, your body’s testosterone is more easily transported to where it is needed to build and strengthen muscle and bone. And the increases flow of blood through the testes may, in fact, increase the production of testosterone. As you can see, we spoken quite a lot here about blood flow, and that’s important. L-arginine has been used for years as a sexual stimulant, but it goes far beyond that. Increased blood flow leads to a healthier heart, brain, and virtually any other organ. It helps us perform more proficiently in the gym, the office, and the

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