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The Tethering Bill!
A New Move Towards Betterment!
It has always been very common globally that the dogs are being tethered with huge chains, these chains are not only very painful and damaging in fact are very heavy for the dogs to handle as well. These chains not only make them feel pain physically but to some extent being a harsh form of restriction, they do end up affecting their mental ability as well. In this case, the Nashville government has been taking a right step which will turn out to be in a favor of these helpless creatures.
Remove the Chains!
The bill that has been passed in regard to the tethering of dogs comprises of eliminating the concept of tying the dogs with the huge and painful chains. These chains appear being heavier and also their strength is painful for the purpose of offering injuries to the neck part of the dogs. These animals may not be in a position to
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Loyalty That Turns Surprising
Dogs have always been considered as the most loyal animal in the entire world. however, at times these creatures make us stand in the state of surprise by way of the loyalty they end up showing to their owners.
Daily Visits to the Cemetery
This dog being featured is among those loyal creatures that are hard to find in this selfish world. Nowadays it is not about a single individual person only, in fact everyone has been observed turning selfish. No one has time to visit the cemetery of their deceased family member but here this dog amazes men. The dog being so attached to the owner it belonged to, has been visiting his cemetery on a daily basis. This visit is not just for a few minutes; in fact it lasts longer for hours and hours. Upon coming to the burial place of the owner, this dog spends time and cries a lot in the memory of the love it has been missing for long. This is the true example of loyalty which is hard to find these days at least among humans, but these dogs have a room for sincerity at its best that now lacks among
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