Persuasive Essay On Texas School Testing

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Texas School Testing
Learning is an amazing, beautiful, and helpful process of the mind. It lets us recall things that we have come to understand; learn. We learn about the people, the world, the challenges humanity has faced, wars fought over time. Texas has many schools and the main goal for these school 's is that the student 's pass rather than anything else. The only thing is, without understandment and knowledge of what we are supposed to be learning, how are we going to pass these test. Students are stressed out about passing rather than learning. Learning a subject should be something that we should remember because of how interesting we found the topic or lesson. With all these test thrown our way we focus on memorizing rather than understanding which leads us to forgetting what we memorized after the test. Texas school 's only care about passing grades, good …show more content…

Test make us like zombies. Every year we take around 1-3 STAAR exam 's depending on if you passed previous ones or your grade level. After a day that we are stuck in a class taking a test that gives result 's based on what you learned throughout the year, we the student 's, are too tired physically and mentally to deal with anything and that includes homework. We do not need to take test, we need to learn to grow up to be well-rounded adults, to be prepared for society and all of its forthcoming. We need to learn and understand what they are trying to educate us on so we will not be doomed to repeat the same mistakes that society has already passed through. What is the point of going to school and memorizing lessons that we will forget after the test if they don 't stick to our brains? We need to be knowledgeable, persistent, self-driven to make sure we ourselves understand the lesson at hand. Test affect a student 's self-confidence as well, if we pass it 's a win-win but if we fail we lose a little bit of hope we had about what we knew. We doubt ourselves and that is not a pleasant

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