Persuasive Essay On Textbooks Vs Textbooks

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Throughout time, technology has entirely evolved not only through how people communicate, but also how they learn. In this day in age, almost everyone carries a cell phone, an iPod, a laptop, or a smart watch on them at all times. Technology has immensely become a part of the average, everyday American life, especially in school systems. As years progress, more children are learning how to use technology at a younger age. Because of this, more school boards are siding with the idea of eliminating print textbooks altogether and instead replacing them with tablets. A recent controversy that has sparked regards whether tablets or textbooks should be the primary resource of learning for this K-12 generation and beyond. This issue between tech versus text has only recently gained interest since the early 2010 's following its popular invention. Many believe Steve Jobs first invented the concept of the tablet when the Apple iPad released in 2010, but actually Microsoft was the first company to release the first "real tablet" in the year 2000 (businessinsider). However, the Apple iPad was the first tablet created to gain any serious interest from public school systems to consider as a new resource to students. Technology has evolved in a way to change how students could potentially learn, therefore more school boards are seeing this as an opportunity for younger Millennials to learn by using devices that their brains are practically programmed to use. The differences between
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