Texting And Driving Research Paper

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She sent her last text but little did you know she was behind the wheel. Some people think it is completely fine to text and drive, but there are facts and very strong opinions that say otherwise. Can’t we all agree that texting and driving is an awful thing? Going on your technology when driving is a horrible thing to do, think about how many people get injured per day or year due to it, how it has an effect on other people, and how can we fix the problem. How many people get hurt and die from texting and driving? Texting and driving can be fatal and each day over 1,000 people get hurt due to distracted drivers. I’m sure you have been driving somewhere and have seen a car accident in your lifetime. Have you ever thought about what caused the accident? Possibly it could be caused by a distracted driver. [1] Before you ever text and drive think about the millions of people who die every year due to texting and driving.If you 've ever known anyone who has died from texting and…show more content…
New features: a long-needed “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode. The Apple Technology Company has an update on apple iphones that is called “Do Not Disturb While Driving”. This may be helpful to stop texting and driving accidents. [6] Do Not Disturb While Driving can be set to come on automatically, when connected to a car 's Bluetooth, or manually. The do not disturb on iphones is very good. When you try and text someone you will get an alert about that the person your texting is driving. They won’t get the text message until they reach their destination. [7] To Prevent texting while driving, follow these tips: Put your phone out of reach. Use an app to block incoming texts or calls.There are things you can do that may help you not be tempted to text and drive. Like put your phone out of reach. You can find other tips from fellow friends, family member, or even online. [8] Think before you text please it can change someone 's
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