Persuasive Essay On Texting

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These days almost everyone owns a cell phone. Texting has become a worldwide phenomenon and people can’t seem to put their phone down, even when they’re driving. Texting and driving injures about 330,000 people per year. Most states in the US have illegalized texting and driving, but four states are still allowing this to happen. Texas, Montana, Missouri, and Arizona have yet to make this dangerous combination illegal. 46 states in the US received the message that texting and driving is not safe and it should be put to an end. Montana, Missouri, Arizona, and Texas still have yet to do so. Texas has exceptions for new drivers and bus drivers while Missouri doesn’t allow citizens who are 21 and under. When someone texts and drives they put lives in danger. If…show more content…
Unfortunately, that’s not enough to prevent people from texting and driving. When’s the last time someone listened to a commercial that tells them to buy something so they go to the store and buy it immediately? This issue needs to be widely spread across social media so teens and adults can view during their daily scrolling. More idol figures should speak up and say not to text and drive. Reach out to drivers of all ages in a way that they understand. Communities could have movements to prevent distracted driving. Every little part helps in doing something that seems impossible. Texting and driving could be prevented from happening. In conclusion, texting and driving is extremely dangerous and people should be more aware of its deadly effects. By making it illegal in all states, increasing penalties, and bringing more attention in a way that everyone could understand could decrease and possibly eliminate car crashes caused by texting and driving. Hopefully this problem is ended soon and the roads will be
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