Persuasive Essay On Thanksgiving Day

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What to Put on Your Plate This Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Day is the one festival that is almost synonymous with feasting—from the traditional stuffed turkey to special family recipes, it is a time during which all of us tuck into the most delicious fare without paying much heed to the calorie count. Well, sticking to your diet when the entire family is gathered around the table with tempting aromas wafting up your nose may not be an achievable task, but you can surely watch what you eat to reduce the damage from all the feasting. Here are some tips to remember to avoid going into a food coma and partake of slightly healthier food options without missing out on the big dinner:

 Go for the turkey
It is Thanksgiving, and you cannot be rude
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Ensure that your plate has more of the lean meat and vegetables rather than generous helpings of stuffing and sweets.
 Pick one form of starch
Starch-rich foods will be aplenty at the table, but resist the temptation to load everything on your plate if you do not want to send your blood sugar level skyrocketing. Instead, choose one item like macaroni and cheese, fried appetizers, or mashed potatoes. Although these are not quite what you would term as healthy food options, you can surely make the best out of the situation by choosing just one.
 Go the light way
If you are the host for a Thanksgiving dinner, you have the opportunity to make your dishes with less sugar and fat. Being mindful of the use of oil and butter does not always compromise on the taste; rather, your guests will appreciate it. Fat-free broth, plain yogurt, and healthier substitutes for sugar are some of the ways in which you can make Thanksgiving dishes less
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Moreover, binging on unhealthy, fatty food one day all of a sudden can impact your health too, so try to avoid the following foods:
 Stuffing
Yes, we know— the beauty of every Thanksgiving turkey lies in its stuffing, but give that a miss if you do not want to pile on the unhealthy carbs and calories. This holiday staple usually consists of loads of bread, meat, processed meat (like sausage), and spices—things that do not do much good for your health or shape. In fact, some fattier versions of the turkey stuffing may contain even up to 500 calories in a single serving. So, leave the stuffing part alone and instead enjoy the actual turkey.

 Deep-fried turkey

When it comes to the quintessential Thanksgiving turkey, every preparation is not always healthy. For most of us, Thanksgiving memories comprise feasting on the traditional roasted version, but recently there has been a trend of people serving deep-fried turkey during the holiday dinner. It may sound appetizing, but it cannot be recommended for anyone who wants to keep the consumption of unhealthy carbs to a
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