Persuasive Essay On Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a great holiday. One of the most unique things I find about Thanksgiving is that many families get together on this holiday, but they all do not do the same things. Some things might be the same, but not all. Each family has their own way of doing stuff on Thanksgiving. Some families gather together at a specific place every year. Some families eat certain foods…. It is very unique that we all do similar things, and also go our own ways on Thanksgiving.
Usually on a Thanksgiving gathering, most people go to a certain location every year. For example, my family goes to my aunt’s church in Lafayette for every Thanksgiving. When I asked a few of my classmates, they said that they go to their grandma’s or aunt’s house. Another one of my classmates says he goes to Ohio. On the other hand, some of my classmates go to a different location each year. They said that
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Instead, you do multiple activities with your family. Some activities that I do with my family is play a basketball, football, dodgeball, and kickball game, play a board game, play tag and hide-and-go seek, and we go black friday shopping. In spite of this, when I surveyed my classmates, they responded that they watch a football game, play board games, just talk, have a talent show, and play musical instruments. As you can see, we both have two or three things in common, but everything else is different.
The first thought that comes to most people's mind when hearing the word Thanksgiving is the food you eat at that time. Quite a few people may have some of the main foods that are the same; such as turkey, mashed potatoes, and beans. When I have my family Thanksgiving, we usually eat ham and chicken, mashed potatoes, jello, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and other fruits and vegetables. In contrast, some of my classmates said they eat tacos, turkey, baked beans, and fish. Therefore, not everybody eats the same kinds of
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