Synthesis Essay On The Impact Of Technology On Education

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Looking up from my reading my history book I realize something I have become so accustomed to: the amount of technology being used in the classroom. Everyone is on their school issued iPads. Some appear to be glued to the screen like they’re watching something, and others look like madmen with their fingers flying across the keyboard, trying to keep up with the lecture. The lecture is on a laptop which is connected to a projector, putting it up on a Smartboard. Long gone are the days of blackboards and chalk. This is the new age. The age of technology. Some students find the introduction of technology beneficial to their lives, and others find it detrimental. Nevertheless technology should still be welcomed into the school system, but should…show more content…
Students may become so engulfed in their devices that they “have never read one Mark Twain novel or Shakespeare play or Wordsworth poem, or a serious history of the United States; they are bad at science, useless at mathematics, and hopeless at writing” (Source E). If students start letting technology get a hold of their life then they will simply stop caring for learning because they can simply find the answer online. Why would one spend an hour learning a topic when they can just find the answer in under a minute? This could create a generation of know-nothings and end up impacting the economy as no one wants to hire such a person. With technology students will stop caring for the traditional subjects learned in school. They will stop focusing on the essentials, and only learn what they want to which may not help them at all. To add to this electronics could distract students from learning as “machines automate the production of attention consuming information” (Source C). The more attention consuming information machines produce the more students will become distracted. Students could become so engaged with games or other media that they do not even care for
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