Persuasive Essay On The American Dream

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Faith Volpi Mrs. McLellan English III The American Dream is to succeed in making everyone feel equal and supported. People 's view about the American Dream are different everywhere one goes. The American Dream does indeed still exist in todays society, and it is one 's job to try their hardest to succeed the values of their own American Dream. Because with everyone united one can succeed at achieving one’s own idea of the American Dream. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson talks about quote, “The American Dream, and how life should be different”. The Declaration is written as a break up towards the British king, but Jefferson makes his claims as to why the king should listen to him. In The Declaration of Independence Jefferson states, “... That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights…” (40 Jefferson). This quote is the full on definition of the saying the American Dream. In America all everyone wants to do is to be equal and live in peace with one another, in in the text Jefferson states their wants and needs of being equal. Throughout most of the text Jefferson starts to complain towards the king and how he feels about the king 's actions towards Jefferson, in the text Jefferson states about 23 total complaints about the king and his wrong doings. An example of one of his complaints towards the king states, “ He has combined with others to subject us to jurisdiction foreign to our
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