Reflective Essay: The Arizona Trail And My Journey

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I have now bid adieu to The Arizona Trail and my journey to be an example of hope for others who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. It was an emotional parting but one which has ultimately become dear to my heart despite all of the trials and tribulations along the way. They were all inherent to the journey and would allow for its substance. I realize, though I might not have had at the time, that I would not have traded any one of those precarious times for a volume of lessons have been learned from each and every experience.

I was privy to have met new friends and foster my relationships with old ones as well as family.

How fortunate I was to have been able to spend three weeks with my Dad. Much was always missing from our relationship as
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We grew in our understanding of the trail and of course in our individual abilities. Sometimes we fell silent but others were full of laughter and the innocence of getting to know another.

We were also privy to meet Teresa and become part of their family for the course of a few weeks. Teresa’s culinary delights and warm personality always greeted our tired and stinky self’s during our reprieves. Thanksgiving was spent in warmth with a real turkey instead of the instant Idaho potatoes and tuna fish we had already anticipated.

My time with my childhood friend Lucille went all too quickly. Our first days of hiking were harried as we rushed to continue on schedule. Lu and I reminisced, as we always do, about our teenage misdeeds and wonderful times spent together throughout our friendship. The stories are still amusing and somehow we don’t tire of hearing them or relegating others to them.

Of course as we time befalls all of us we also share changes in our lives, concern for our parents, and future plans. The scenery in which to do so was always spectacular and I was honored to be able to share it with this woman who is more like a
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