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According to FIFA, the is over 295 million kids/adults actively playing “The Beautiful Game” all over the globe. To see real passion for soccer, go to Brazil and watch their style of playing, it’s amazing. Many may think most famous people grew up with the perfect life, but it was different for Pelé. For Pelé to achieve his success, he trained in the streets with only a sock ball. Money didn’t stop him from becoming who he is today. Pelé is an amazing influence for those who love “The Beautiful Game”. From growing up in poverty and having nothing to having a successful career, he proves anything can be done with passion. Pelé didn’t have the childhood of many famous soccer players. Instead, he grew up in poverty, but had a passion for soccer. Like a normal child he went to school, but until his mother and father couldn’t earn enough money, Pelé had to quit school at the age of 10 to work (Brown). Pelé was a shoemaker apprentice and only made $2 a day (Brown). He stands out from most players because he did not receive an education past the age of 10, and he had to work to help out his parents who could earn…show more content…
The beginning of his professional career started at the age of 15 (Brown). He was recruited by a former member of the Brazilian national team who was now the coach of the Bauru Athletic Club (Brown). He scored his first first-division goal when he was put in for an injured player in the second half (Brown). To be recruited from the streets is a very slim chance that that would happen, but having the recruiter walk by Pelé and seeing his talent, now that is a miracle for him. When finally getting known all throughout Brazil, he was getting popular. Pelé brought a new era to Brazilian soccer (“Pelé”). People from all over came to see his style of play and watch how magnificent he really is with the ball. Here’s a quote from a father telling his son about
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