Persuasive Essay On The Benefits Of Eating Super Foods

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HEALING SUPER FOODS If you want to feel more upbeat, look leaner, and sharpen your mind, your menu just may be your best medicine. When you open your refrigerator door, do you feel inspired? Is there a rainbow of colors calling your kitchen creative to try something new. Are you like most busy people, the answer is no. We are in habit of eating the same dishes day in, day out, because they 're easy to prepare, tasty enough, and (we hope) nutritious. But if you want to get seriously healthy, our experts are unequivocal going to have to mix it up a lot. "You wouldn 't wear the same outfit everyday, so why would you want to eat the same foods?" "Eating a variety if superfoods doesn 't just deliver all nutrients you need to look and feel the best; it also prevents boredom eating-which can lead to weight gain." If you still need convincing, consider this: The more rock-star foods in your repertoire, the more diseases you 'll fend off, the better you 'll look, and the stronger you 'll feel. That means less cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, as well as more energy and a better night 's sleep. So what exactly should you be eating? Start by stocking your kitchen with these picks, which offer meaningful health benefits when eaten I 'm surprisingly small amounts. Once you get started, we 're going to guess you won 't want to stop here Bon appetite! For more energy: Oysters These slippery sea mollusks are one of nature 's too sources of iron, which helps carry

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