Argumentative Essay: The Boy Scouts Of America

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The Boy Scouts of America teaching youth loyalty, kindness, being trustworthy, cheerful, brave, and clean since 1910. Watching the youth in my pack has inspired me so much and made me a better person. Watching so many children and young adults grill from working hand-in-hand with each other. Showing the world every day that innocent young children can impact the world in a positive manner if they are taught to do so. Being in a military pack in the city of Las Vegas melting pot of many cultures we must learn to live with each other. We have some children with disabilities and we teach all the boys that sometimes people are different but they must still treat them with respect and dignity. In the world today we have so many students from different…show more content…
Being the cubmaster of my pack I have many siblings who are girls to include my own daughter that shows up to pack meetings and they work hand-in-hand with their siblings but they earn nothing they are just there to watch. Girls should be allowed because maybe Girl Scouts is not for them they would rather go hiking and camping more often. I believe the Boy Scout should push forward with the initiative and if parents wanna pull their kids out of packs and move to another pack that doesn’t allow girls then so be it but that shouldn’t prevent girls from joining. Every day people are on TV protesting for race equality, gender equality, equal pay for women and minorities, and a host of other things. But when an organization says we’re going to do this and allow girls to join all boys club those same people protesting have a problem with it because I did it involves their children. Children are born innocent they don’t know race, or ethnicity until we teach it to them if we never teach them not to talk to black people because they’re black they will never know the difference in color. My children only know some people made darker than
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