Persuasive Essay On The Causes Of War

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Imagine a world in which no crops grow, no birds sing, and no life exists. This is a world in which all out war has been waged. Preventing all out war will be an issue we must solve in the near future because it by far is the biggest danger not only to the environment but to the survival of the human race. We can crush this problem before it starts by having countries, such as America and Japan, who in the past may have been enemies become allies in an effort to protect ourselves, identify causes of war and solve them before conflict comes into play, and to get rid of the most volatile weapons known to man, nuclear warheads.
The most dangerous superpowers in the world right now like Russia, China, and North Korea harbor nuclear weapons.
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Causes of war can include ¨environmental change, resource scarcity, economic stress, refugee flows, religious persecution, and racism¨ (Lewis). Knowing why wars are caused is step one in stopping them, but it is not enough. We need, as humanity, to put our efforts into searching for any sign of these causes and settle them before they spark the hellfire that is war. The peoples of the World need to set aside their personal differences and work together to solve the problems at hand. When a country or nation is facing economic issues it can cause them to attack another country in hope to gain their resources in order to boost their economy, but an economic war can also be fought without weapons. High tariffs, trade bans and sanctions can cause a country to go into a massive depression. Taxes and Tariffs being raised leads to a circle of economic up and downs and turmoil, which can then lead to conflict. If we do not prevent the next war it will be our last, so working together and having other nations help others when in need, it would lead to protecting the earth from further harm, preventing the loss of all human life. There are many leading PHD’s investigating causes of war and conflict but there isn't any significant force to fix or prevent these conflicts. For example India and Pakistan have been in conflict along their border
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