Persuasive Essay On The Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement was the biggest turning point in U.S. history for African Americans. The Civil Rights Movement changed America from the very discriminating and racist country it was into a place where all people of different races were equal. There were also many protests during the Civil Rights Movement. All of them were meant to publicize the amount of racism in the U.S. One of the protests that opened the eye of the public the most was the Children 's Crusade. The Children 's Crusade was a group of college students who gathered outside of the 16th Street Baptist Church. They marched through the town of Birmingham and were abused by police, using fire hoses and dogs. It was James Bevel who had the idea to use children to publicize this racism and abuse blacks took and get the public involved. James Bevel was born in Itta Bena, Mississippi on October 19, 1936. (“James Bevel”) He had 16 siblings and a sharecropper father with a mother who would often beat the children. (Remington) This may seem like a very tough life right now, but this is how life back in the early to mid-1900s was. Bevel grew up working in the steel mills of Cleveland, Ohio. He joined the navy in 1954 and then left shortly after in 1955. He was also a singer for a short while. After all these things he did and how he grew up, he had not yet even thought about the things he’d accomplish throughout the rest of his life. (“James Bevel”) Bevel became a civil rights activist and used nonviolent
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