Persuasive Essay On The Cold War

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The Cold War Everyone has had a problem in their life occur, there are many different ways to solve the issue. This goes on to show when all three presidents, Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy, have their own ideas on the solution to The Cold War. The Cold War was a combat between the Soviets and the United States, the Soviets wanted to turn the Middle East into communists. According to the textbook American Anthem: Reconstruction to the Present, the presidents had the ideas of, flexible response and massive retaliation. Massive retaliation is using the nuclear weapons without threat and going straight into nuclear war. Another way to stop the spread of communism was the policy of containment, giving economic and military aid to countries at the risk of becoming communism. Communism is an economic and political system in which governments own everything and the government pays each person according to their abilities and needs. Any more countries that become communists will create the domino theory affect, one nation after the next start to fall and by the end, they all fall into communism(Ayers 819-950). All three presidents had figured out how they wanted to handle The Cold War. In President Truman’s speech he had the idea of only going to war if needed, President Kennedy promoted the idea of flexible response, while President Eisenhower’s speech proposed the suggestion of massive retaliation. In the speech of President Truman, he told everyone in the United States
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