Essay On The Cost Of Having A College Education

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Imagine walking across the stage at a high school graduation, and students are excited and elated. They aren’t thinking about what comes next, but they need to because what comes next might shape their future. Some kids don’t try in school, and the kids who do try will most likely become successful in their life and their profession. College can help people become successful by teaching them about what the adult world is like. The school work will be hard, but if they try hard people can do it, and before long they will be walking across the stage at their College graduation. college is worth the cost because there are ways people can afford to go to school, they can get grants and scholarships for college, and they can get a better paying job with a college education. There are ways students can afford to go to college. However, some parents and kids can’t afford a college education. One way is, the parents can set aside money through their child's life so they can afford college(Financing a College Education). If parents start saving while their kids are younger; students will have a lot of money to start out…show more content…
Although, people might not be able to receive a job when you are out of college. With a college education people can have a well rounded learning experience about a certain degree (Roth). If students work on their major they can learn quite a bit about that field, and get a job in that field. Meanwhile, College graduates can draw on one’s college education over a lifetime and during their career (Roth). Most people will recall their knowledge they obtained from college in their profession. Secondary education helps people discover what they like to do and what they are good at (Roth). If people discover what they are good at; they will enjoy it more, and will have fun doing that thing. College education has many strong aspects about it and finding a career that people are good at and
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