Argumentative Essay: Should People Receive A Free College Education?

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Have you ever wondered what life would be like with a free college education? Seventy-five percent of high school seniors are accepted to their first college choice or university, but less than fifty-seven percent can bear the expense to attend their first choice learning institution. In fact, ”two out of three college students have now graduated with student loan debt. The average tuition is three times higher today than in 1980.” “1.5 million, or about 53.6 percent, of all bachelor 's degree holders age 25 or younger were unemployed or underemployed in 2011.” (Gerber, "34 Depressing Facts About The Job Market For College Grads"). Furthermore As many Americans prepare for the next semester, homework is not the main problem on their mind, it…show more content…
It should be free because people with more education can provide more to the economy. Higher education can cause so much for economies such as lower employment rates. “Postsecondary degrees saw more steady employment through the great recession”. “Postsecondary degrees can serve as a buffer against unemployment”. (Schanzenbach, Bauer, and Breitwieser, "Eight Economic Facts on Higher Education). Most jobs require workers to possess knowledge, skills, and abilities. “Without workers who have the right foundations, the United States will lose ground to countries that have prepared better for the demands of the 21st century workforce and, ultimately, the United States economy and security will be jeopardized”. (David A. Bergeron and Carmel Martin, "Strengthening Our Economy Through College for All"). Consistently the more people who get the opportunity to go to college, will result in an increase to the amount of new inventions. Does the rising price of college have an impact on innovative individuals? Some people might say that the solution to economic expansion consist in improving production. However the quality of inventors can expand through academic policies. Universities and colleges possess the action points and technologies originated by those who work for them. Taxpayers can gain something from when students obtain a college degree. “Evidence also suggests that federal tax credits
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