Persuasive Essay On The Cost Of Going To College

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College tuition The cost of going to college is getting ridiculous. If a student were to apply to an out of state public college in 1997 they would be paying on average $8,840; now at the same out of state public school they would be paying around $26,010. Are we expecting people who have little money to stop their education even if they want to keep going or be in a huge amount of debt? If colleges were tuition free or had minimized costs the economy would be better or could improve and so would the lives of millions of people. college tuition should be paid for because, if the United States had more and more students going to college instead of going straight to jobs the economy would improve greatly. A vast majority of those who graduate from college would be getting higher paying jobs than if they hadn 't gone at all, which in the long run gives them more money to spend and therefore increases tax revenues. The increased tax revenues would enable the government to provide services to the constituents. Having more money go into the economy will help money go towards funding college however they would choose to deal with splitting the costs. This would also help small businesses because if they have more revenue coming in that can be used to grow their small business bigger. Not having free or low college tuition impacts many people, “between 2011-12 and 2016-17 tuition and fees have increased 9% at four year public schools, 11% at two year public schools, and 13% at
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